A manufacturer of modern agriculture machines


A manufacturer of modern agriculture machines


Machine Description

The SCORPION” chisel plow is a machine serving for removing the surface layer of soil from fields, meadows, fallow land and stubble over a depth of 5-28 cm. The machine has a compact and massive design. Spring legs with a cross-section of 35x35mm, arranged in 2 rows, are found on the front of the cultivator. A spring legs can be equipped with various types of coulters, including: “Sercowa” “Lemken”. The number of spring legs ranges from 4 to 7 pcs. depending on the machine’s width. A crushing section is found behind the rows of spring
legs, serving to preliminarily level the soil. The crushing section consists of one or two rows of discs with diameter Ø 460mm. The discs’ spring legs are mounted on rubber elastomers in order to absorb the pressing force exerted by the machine. A roller Ø 420 or Ø 500 mm in diameter is installed at the rear of the cultivator, serving to finally form the surface profile of the soil. Both the roller and crushing section are regulated by turnbuckles.

The machine can be fitted with a category 2 and 3 three-point hitch.

Technical Data

Width [m] 1,8 2,1 2,6 3,0
Tines [qty.] 4 5 6 7
Power demand [hp] 75-90 85-105 90-110 100-140
WEIGHT [kg] 800 900 980 1050
Performance ha/h 1,2-1,8 1,5-2,2 1,9-2,7 2,2-3,0


Standard Equipment 

• Main frame 100x100x8,
• Two rows of “Sercowy” plow beams
• Row of 460 mm discs with shock absorption on
• Rear pipe roller 500 mm, string roller 420 mm.

• The frame structure allows for simultaneous
adjustment of the shaft and the disc row,
• Worm protection,
• Coupling pins, Cat.2 and 3.

Optional Equipment

  • 500 mm U-Profile Roller
  • LEMKEN Subassemblies


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