A manufacturer of modern agriculture machines


A manufacturer of modern agriculture machines

Fertilizer Spreader Dual-Chute Galvanized

Machine Description

Intended for surface spreading of loose materials, i.e. mineral, granulated fertilizers on cultivated fields, pastures, meadows or stubble.
The machine’s light and durable construction allows for total utilization of its loading capacity.
The spreader’s cargo box is available in powder-painted and galvanized versions.
The machine’s working components are made of high-quality acid-resistant parts, affording many years of protection against corrosion.
The hydraulic cylinder applied in the machine allows for convenient opening and closing of fertilizer dumping hatches, without the need to leave the operator’s position.
The mechanism transferring power to working components is an ‘Amazone’-type cast iron transmission with 540 rpm, applying fertilizer onto the surface of spreading evenly and optimally.
The spreading width of 6-24 m is suitable for any acreage, regardless of its surface area.
The charging hopper is enriched by a mesh that breaks up clumped fertilizer.


Technical Data

Capacity [l] 600 800 1000 1200
Weight [kg] 180 185 190 200
Dimensions [m]
1,4/1,2/1,0 1,4/1,2/1,12 1,4/1,2/1,26 1,4/1,2/1,32


Standard Equipment

  • Cast iron power transmission 450mm,
  • Two spreading disks, four blades,
  • Manual and hydraulic opening,
  • Mesh for crushing clumped fertilizer inside hopper,
  • 6-24 m spreading width.

Optional Equipment

  • 1400×1200 tarpaulin
  • PTO shaft with overload coupling


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